Welcome to Godard Communications


Godard Communications is a registered supplier with the Government of Canada’s Professional Services Online supplier database.


If you need help in creating or improving a document or publication, we can save you time, trouble and worry. 

The document we write or edit for you will be

                                        • clear    • correct    • readable    • persuasive    • professional


These are some of the things we can do:

• help you say what you mean

• ensure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct and consistent

• catch typographical and factual mistakes that undermine the credibility of your document

• Canadianize a document or manuscript that was written for a non-Canadian audience

• follow your preferred style guide or dictionary

• ensure that the writing is clear, concise, well-organized and free of jargon 

• adapt a text to the target audience

• be sure the formatting meets the standards of professional publishing


We also know the importance of

• meeting deadlines

• sticking to budgets

• respecting the confidentiality of your material


For more details, see Services. To discuss a project, please contact us. 


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